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Bogut’s Career-High Destroyation

 Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images Let’s not understate things. Today Andrew Bogut played the greatest game by an Aussie in the history of the National Basketball Association. I know what you’re thinking, “Rob you’ve lost your mind… better than the game Shane Heal hit 5-9 threes for ‘Sota in 1996”? Yes, incredibly it […]

Patty Mills Interview

Shane Heal interviewing Patty Mills in Australia this week. How symbolic. The last great Aussie point guard to play in the NBA, passing the baton to the next. Loved Shane’s opening question: “Mate first question is, what are you doing here!?” You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Cheers to […]

The NBA’s Top 10 Aussie Ballers: An Australia Day Tribute

The NBA has become a truly international sport. Last season there were 75 non-US players on NBA rosters, many of them amongst the league’s elite: Yao, Dirk, Nash, Ginobili and Parker to name a few. When you talk about the Australian contingent most people probably think of Andrew Bogut, and maybe hold vague memories of […]