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Whats Doin: Amar’e to buy a post game?

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Amar’e Stoudemire will pay Hakeem Olajuwan 100k for two weeks of ‘post play’ tutelage during the summer. That’s a hefty sum but considering that LeBron James emerged from a similar session last year with a post game in tow, it’s clearly worth it. […]

Quotes of the Month – June 2012

“Just to be clear with everyone that are asking where I’m playing next year, I have a lot of work to do before I think about a team!” – Jermaine O’Neal on Twitter. No one gives a shit, Jermaine. ”At that time, that could have hurt me being loyal. But a lot of times, I […]

Quotes of the Month – May 2012

“I just got caught up with women throwing themselves at me. When a girl sends me 100 pictures, I have to send something back every now and then. I’m not an asshole.” – Former Blazer Greg Oden in a recent interview, explaining why he sent out the infamous nude picture of himself to a female […]

Sunday Six Pack: Body Fat, BT and the Fevolution

ONE: It’s that time of year where every man and his dog starts doing NBA team previews for the upcoming season. It’s a fun time, because no matter how bad your team is, you can still convince yourself that with a bit of luck you’ll be in the playoffs. You can use words like “potential” […]

NBA Fantasy: Top 5 Players That Sound Great but Really Aren’t

It’s that time of year again! Finally! No… not exam time or Christmas… we are on the brink of a new NBA season! *Standing Ovation* People worldwide are putting together Fantasy Teams as we speak, it is oh so exciting. You better hurry up and get your research done as there is not much time […]

My All-NBA AFL Team

They couldn’t be more worlds apart. One sport is played by lean, leaping giants, throwing a round ball into a small hoop with five-man teams running end-to-end on shiny wooden floor boards. The other is played by tough, rugged warriors trying to kick an impossible egg-shaped ball over a grass paddock 180 meters long through […]