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The 2011-12 Season Preview Round Table

It’s been a funny offseason. A long offseason. The craziest offseason I can remember, which is saying something after Lebron’s free agent drama last year. But we can now put it all behind us and look forward to some kick-ass NBA basketball ahead, because I really do believe the 2011-12 season will be one to […]

Short Season Preview

Author’s Note: I am writing this after a hard night out on Oxford St where I got thoroughly pissed and had one of those life-changing discussions with a cab driver home using my rudimentary Hindi. So read into it what one will. Basically, in addition to the official NBAMate Round Table preview (coming later today) […]

2010-11 NBA Preview – Sleepers, Creepers and Grenades

Greetings, gentlemen and ladyboys. Today I come to you not from the glitz and glamour of South Beach, the sunshine and G-strings of the Gold Coast or even from amongst the skanky delights of my home city’s own Kings Cross. Instead, I come to you from my family’s apartment, right under the Sydney Airport flight […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Contenders

Your 2009 NBA Champion is going to be one of these teams Los Angeles Lakers Shortly after the Gasol trade last season, me and one of my many Suns-supporting friends (who for unnamed reasons shall be known as the Cougar Hunter) were musing about the Lakers fortunes. “It’s so unfair”, was the overriding theme of […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Pretending Contenders

No pretenders here. No sir, these guys are playing into May… and that’s where they’re stopping Cleveland Cavaliers It amazes me how far this team has gone the last two post seasons. They were only a 45 win team last season (which means that would have missed the playoffs in the West), yet they almost […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Pretenders

It’s late October so you know what that means. Every basketball website /blog /magazine /podcast on the planet feels the need to look at every team and try to predict what’s going to happen in 08-09. Here at NBAMate we thought we’d do things a little differently. Rather than look at each team and try […]

07-08 Season Preview: The West

With the East taken care of, it’s time to focus our attention on the West side. Tizzle and Jobba are back for another round table discussion on the big Western teams expecting to contend for title glory, the ones lucky to make the playoffs, and the ones who should basically tank games. Can the Mavs […]

07-08 Season Preview: The East

We promised a big 07-08 season preview podcast and boy did we deliver. It’s so big we had to divvy it up into two parts: the East side and the West side. So listen in as RobD and the boys take a look at every single Eastern Conference team (yes, even the crap ones) and talk about […]