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Down Memory Lane: Pippen posterizes Ewing

As we did last year, throughout the offseason we’re going to delve into the archives and take a look at some of the more memorable moments from previous years. We’ll have game winning shots, dustups and brain snaps, monster jams and much more. Up now, Scottie Pippen puts Patrick Ewing on a poster during the […]

Whats Doin: Brooklyn revealed

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * LeBron James gets fitted for his championship ring. * Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen apparently had a dance-off at Scottie’s birthday bash. * Dwight Howard dancing (and acting the fool) on Ellen. Memo to Dwight: the clown act doesn’t work anymore. * Tyson […]

Is Lebron already a Top 5 All-Time Small Forward?

This post was born from a conversation with an old friend yesterday that left me feeling very unsettled. While arguing about the current state of the league the topic of Lebron vs Kobe came up, as it often does. Readers will know that I usually refrain from entering this debate, but because it was Paul […]

Dream Teams: Part II

We had a look at the ’92 vs ‘07 duel at the guard positions in Part I. Time to move on to the forwards… Small Forward If I’m being lenient I’m putting Bird, Pippen, Mullin, Laettner, Melo, Lebron and Tayshaun all in this category. But Melo starts at the 4 for the Dream Team so […]

#1 Those Bulls

“Playing Phoenix and Charles Barkley in the 1993 Finals was like playing against your little brother and knowing you’re well-equipped. Your little brother might beat you one or two out of seven. But you know he’s going to get beat in the end. The Suns didn’t know how to win. They knew how to compete, […]

1995 – All those years ago

While driving down the Princes Highway from Bulla to Geelong today I turned my radio dial to Gold 104.3 FM (for those non-Melbournians that is the station where you get your fix of 60s, 70s and 80s music) expecting to hear some old-school mellow tunes to soothe my soul. Instead I was shocked to hear Alanis Morissette […]