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2010 NBA Finals – Game 7 Retro Diary

I didn’t get to see Game 7 live. One of the tragedies of these 2010 NBA Finals has been the scheduling – in the Land Downunder, not one Finals game was played on a Saturday or a Sunday. Very frustrating. I followed the game on the play-by-play, and later that afternoon I read all the […]

Game 2 Wrap

With Game 1 of the NBA Finals proving a bit of a lemon from a competitive standpoint, most neutrals – myself included – would have been hoping and praying for a more resilient Boston team to show up in the second game. They didn’t disappoint. If you weren’t lucky (or unemployed) enough to be free […]

Sunday Six Pack: Suns go to #1, Kobe goes inside, AI goes home

ONE: Pop Quiz: Who is THE in-form center in the league at the moment? If you answered Dwight Howard, you’d be incorrect. The correct answer is actually Chris Kaman. But who is the second most in-form center at the moment? That would probably be Andrew Bogut. Since looking very rusty in his first two games, […]

Lakers vs Nuggets and the Day I Met Machine

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill I had to go back to LA. When planning my trip and looking at the games schedule, I knew I had to keep moving East to get to my eventual goal of reaching New York. But there it was, Nuggets @ Lakers, too hard to resist. Especially given the Nuggets new-found […]

Sasha Makes a Poster

I’ve seen Sasha Vujacic dunk before but not like this. I think Kobe Bryant said it best: “I’ve seen it all. Sasha dunked on somebody. I’m ready to retire now”. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video And in case you haven’t seen the latest NBA commercial, “Where Return of […]

Sunday Six Pack – the suit, the Machine, the toss and the thigh

ONE: Catch up on what Andrew Bogut did during the All-Star weekend over at his blog, including the reason he wore this ridiculous suit. On a serious note, Bogut talks about his injury: “My back is still the same. Some good days, some bad. Just when you think it’s starting to feel better, you will […]

The Man Wade, the Knick Lebron and the Smooth Obama

I woke up late Saturday morning to find the following message on my phone from Tizzle: To one and all. Let this be the day remembered as the day the Knicks basically signed Lebron James. Save this msg for 2010. New York basketball is back! I find it amusing that Knicks fans can rejoice “New […]