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Reflecting on the 2013 NBA Finals – Part I: The Spurs and Tim Duncan

This post is deliberately a few weeks late because I had to let everything from the 2013 Finals soak for a little while. As I said in the Finals roundtable, it was an emotional rollercoaster, even for the neutral NBA fan. Now that the shock and awe of Game 6 and 7 has subsided, I […]

Jeff Van Gundy heaps praise on Patty Mills

During today’s Game 4 closeout between the San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies, ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy revealed his man crush on Patty Mills. The exchange occurred late in the first quarter as Tony Parker went to the bench. Here’s what Van Gundy had to say: You know what I love too, Patty Mills. […]

Patty Mills = Spurs’ role player, towel-waver extraordinaire and guinea pig

Don’t ask me what this contraption is called – it’s the Spurs’ newest therapeutic device (it looks like some kind of freezing chamber) and our man Patty was drafted in to test it out.

Believing The Hype on Aron Baynes

Believe The Hype duo Tom and Benyam are kicking ass and taking names on their Texas Tour. Here’s their excellent interview with San Antonio Spur Aron Baynes:

Baynes settles in

In what must be a surreal experience for Aron Baynes he arrived at the Spurs’ headquarters today to sign his contract and get acclimatised to his new digs (his locker sits between Tony Parkers and Danny Greens). He spoke to Sportando and I’ve pasted below a few snippets from that interview. You can read the […]

Aussie Roundup – 11th January 2013

I would love to start this column by saying what an exciting week it’s been for our two lads in the NBA, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case again as Patty Mills saw limited court time (I’m looking at you Pop) and Andrew Bogut was still sidelined with injury (although he is traveling with the […]

Aussie Roundup – 31st December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, what a busy few weeks it’s been. If you were like me on Boxing Day you were flicking between the marque NBA games and the Boxing Day test (did the Aussies really win in two and half days?), which is as good as it gets for a sports […]

Pimpin’ Patty’s ride

Patty Mills proudly showing off his newly customized car, courtesy of the BlackJack Speed Shop in San Antonio (owned by teammate Tim Duncan).

Aussie Roundup – 10th December 2012

Another fortnight has drawn to a close, and all I can say is thank God for Patty Mills! Before this weekend I was struggling for material but once again Patty Cakes came up big, giving me something to write about and you something to read. He started the week slowly, getting limited minutes against Memphis […]

Aussie Roundup – 25th November 2012

Shaun is the newest writer to hit the pine for NBAMate. He talks about basketball (on 97.9FM, check it out) and writes about it because he’s 5’10 and can’t jump. He supports the Washington Wizards (not a typo) thanks to NBA live 97 and 98, and he also enjoys long walks on the beach. It’s […]