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Doubting Thomas Award – We Have a Winner

Five months ago we laid down the challenge for 10 very special NBA players. The challenge to prove their doubters wrong throughout the 2009-2010 NBA campaign. A combination of hyped draft picks turned busts, failing international projects, and guys who simply hadn’t lived up to the expectations that fans had held for them, whether fairly […]

Doubting Thomas Award – February Rankings

It’s taken four months but it finally happened – we have a new #1 in the Doubting Thomas Rankings! Danilo Gallinari, who has thoroughly dominated this competition so far, finally slipped up and allowed a surging Mr. Dragic to pass him. With only one more Doubting Thomas ranking left (March and April will be combined), […]

Doubting Thomas Award – January Rankings

The three-month mark is an important one in the NBA calendar, as it means the season is half done. For our Doubting Thomas candidates, it means they’re halfway through their mission of proving the doubters wrong (go back to early November to reacquaint yourselves with each player’s mission). So while providing a good status check, […]

Doubting Thomas Award – December rankings

With one-third of the 2009-2010 season now behind us, the true colours of the Doubting Thomas candidates are starting to shine through. It’s easy to look good and hide behind your numbers after 10-15 games of the season. But once you hit that 25-30 game mark, things start to reach a proper equilibrium. We all […]

Doubting Thomas Award – November Rankings

The first month of the NBA season can be a haven for the much maligned players in the league. You have a few good performances in your first couple of weeks, and all of a sudden the fans are off your back. “He must have really worked on that jump shot over the off-season!”… “Wow, […]

Introducing The Doubting Thomas Award

Life in the NBA is tough. No matter how good you were in college or in Europe or on the And 1 Mixtape Tour, it all counts for nothing. You have to prove yourself all over again. And that’s hard when you’ve got a world of expectation on your shoulders. Maybe you’re the freak who […]