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They Said It

Outrageous, incredibly stupid, downright delusional; no, I am not talking about James Dolan. Rather, these words describe some of the comments made in the NBA in recent months. There are some doozies here, let me assure you. “On paper, we are the best team in the League. We are deep and athletic.” – Detroit’s Rodney […]

Sunday Six Pack – Bynum’s knee, Bogut’s return and Shaq’s love for Kobe

ONE: Andrew Bynum, who has been playing out of his mind recently, has gone down with a knee injury, against the Memphis Grizzlies, and had to be carried off the court. Deja vu anyone? Of course, the exact same thing happened last year, and we all know what ensued. The Lakers still ended up #1 […]

Rodney Stuckey is Detroit’s Best Player

Since Rodney Stuckey moved into Detroit’s starting lineup the Pistons have gone 12-3. Since Stuckey became a starter he has averaged 18.8 points, 6.4 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.7 steals. Since becoming a starter just twelve games ago Stuckey has exploded for a 40 point game and a 38 point game, already the two highest […]

HTFU Detroit, the sinking Lakers and the charging Bucks

After spending two days trying to stay dry amidst the “drought-ending storm” at Meredith Musical Festival, and the next five days trying to stay on the fairways in Yarrawonga, I’m now back in Melbourne town and life is kind of back to normal again (although my liver will never be the same). After being away […]

Mo’s, Blows, and the new Dolphin Saver

Ok I didn’t tell anyone but secretly I decided I wasn’t going to write another blog until Detroit won a game with Allen Iverson. To say I was disappointed with losing to the Nets (let alone Devin Harris going for a career high) and then being whooped by the Celtics is an understatement. I was […]

The Answer for Detroit

Wow. Who saw this coming? Not me. This wasn’t even on the radar. Pistons fans had all but given up hope of a big blockbuster trade after Joe D’s promise several months ago. And to be honest we didn’t really mind. We still had a great team with a new coach that was set to […]

14 Things to do in the NBA Off Season

I haven’t been blogging much of late for a few reasons. 1) The season is over and I’m resting. 2) I lost the “o” key on my keyboard (I accidentally sucked it up with my vacuum… don’t ask) and realizing that the letter “o” is one of the more common ones in the English alphabet […]

Stern’s Dream, Ray’s return, and the Pistons demise?

A lot has happened since my last playoff diary blog back on Day 32. I’m a bit behind. But with five days of no NBA action I’ve got plenty of time to write stuff, and you’ve got plenty of time to read it. Where do I start… We have the Finals everyone wanted. Right after […]

Sorry Celts!

I take it all back. To Celtics fans, I apologise. I was so sure today’s game would result in a San Antonio victory I’d already chalked it up in the “L” column. A team anchored around their missing power forward, KG, facing the best power forward in the game in Tim Duncan. Ray Allen and […]