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Blazers sign Patty Mills

Apologies for not posting up this news sooner (I’ve been off the grid the past day), but this is absolutely huge. The Portland Trailblazers have signed our beloved Patty Mills. After months of wondering what might happen to Patty after his tragic injury, the thought of him playing in Europe, of not getting to see […]

Noticing the Trail Blazers

Only 3 days 12 hours till I touch down in Los Angeles, and a few more hours later till I’ll be watching the Rockets face the Lakers at Staples. I can hardly wipe the smile off my face. I’ve been struck down with the death flu the past week, hence the lack of blogging, but […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Pretending Contenders

No pretenders here. No sir, these guys are playing into May… and that’s where they’re stopping Cleveland Cavaliers It amazes me how far this team has gone the last two post seasons. They were only a 45 win team last season (which means that would have missed the playoffs in the West), yet they almost […]