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Whats Doin: Trade Deadline Edition

* This whole Dwight Howard situation, it ain’t over. When the Magic lose in the first or second round of the playoffs this year and get exposed once again, the charade will continue. But according to Dwight, he’s “too loyal”, so we shouldn’t have a problem then, should we? * With Howard staying in Orlando […]

Patty Mills done in China

Patty’s free. From Blazer’s Edge: Patty Mills has been released by Xinjiang of China Basketball Associastion, source tells Y! Sports. He’s been out 10 days with hamstring injury. Mills wants to return to the Trail Blazers, but it’s unclear if he can obtain a FIBA letter of clearance to play before March, source says. Blazers […]

A Wise Decision?

The return of NBA basketball is fantastic news for all concerned, but there’s a casualty here; Patty Mills. For the short term, the reasoning behind his move to China was sound. The NBA lockout threatened to wipe out the season, the Chinese league offered a higher standard of competition, and he could earn over a […]