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Sunday Six Pack: Bacon, Patty and the Go-To Guys

ONE: Rest assured, this blog is not moving exclusively to weekly Sunday Six Packs. I’m back from my overseas trip from Manila and what a crazy last couple of days it has been. Woke up Friday morning at 10am, worked for half a day, jumped on a flight to Singapore, bought some duty free shit, […]

Ramblings from the Philippines

A couple of months ago I learned that I’d be traveling to Manila for work. While the Federal Government’s security warnings had me frightened a little (i.e. “Don’t travel to this place unless you really really need to”), the prospect of spending a few weeks in a basketball-mad country had me really excited. It was […]

Chicken Rice and a Philippino named Rolly

I’ve been over here in Malaysia for the past couple of weeks, soaking in the culture, warm weather and chicken rice. Seriously, they eat a lot of chicken over here. Chicken curries, chicken sandwiches, chicken kebabs, and of course chicken rice. Overwhelmed with the chicken I went to a place called Kenny Roger’s Roasters named […]