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Game 5 – Boston on the Verge

AP Photo/Winslow Townson So the Boston Celtics are one win away from being crowned NBA Champions for 2010, and I absolutely expected this. I expected it because they are the hungrier team, the tougher team, the more balanced team. The better team. Nothing epitomized that better than the first six minutes of the third quarter […]

Game 2 Wrap

With Game 1 of the NBA Finals proving a bit of a lemon from a competitive standpoint, most neutrals – myself included – would have been hoping and praying for a more resilient Boston team to show up in the second game. They didn’t disappoint. If you weren’t lucky (or unemployed) enough to be free […]

Short Shorts: The Burning Q’s

Boston versus LA is far and away the sexiest matchup basketball has ever produced. The record books speak for themselves, the titles between them illustrate that and the utter disgust for one another is pure gold. Lakers reserve guard Sasha Vujacic can’t stand the sight of green. Celtics fans can’t wait for their next opportunity […]

Backing the Green

No, this is not the 2008 Finals again. It’s completely different. The Celtics have a very different looking bench and an All-Defensive point guard. The Lakers are better and are the reigning champions. But I’m still tipping history to repeat itself and the Celtics to walk home with championship #18. Here’s why. It’s a boring […]

Day 36-37 – Magic and Suns save face

Day 36 – Ze goggles…zey do something after all? (Lakers v Suns Game 3) 3 votes – Amare Stoudemire: In what might be a first in Playoff Vote history, I’m going to give a guy the 3 votes and then spend the rest of the post venting. So hear me out. First off, Amare was […]

Days 30-32: Starting to feel like 2008 again

Day 30 – Where Orlando ’10 looked like Cleveland ’09 3 votes – Ray Allen. Ray was real smooth in this one. Smoothly draining 8-16 shots on his way to a team-high 25 points, smoothly sneaking into the key to grab 7 rebounds (an equal-playoff high for Ray), and smoothly sinking two free throws with […]

Day 25 – Lebron Disappears, for now

Votes seem inconsequential on this day. Even the result of the game seem inconsequential. All that will be remembered on this day, Day 25 of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, is that Lebron James completely stunned the basketball world. Not in the usual way he does, by flashing glimpses of basketball genius, but in a way […]

Day 7 – Manu and The Truth

3 votes – Paul Pierce. Now you know why I said Pierce is “still my number #2 go-to man for a last-second shot (behind Kobe)”. Three people pulled me up on that during the last week, perplexed at how could I dismiss Carmelo/Dirk/Lebron. Those guys are great, but Pierce trumps them in my book. While […]

2009-2010 Fantasy Wrap-up

Think back to last October as we waited in anticipation for the 2009/10 NBA season to begin. The Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess acquisitions installed San Antonio as West favourites in many experts’ eyes. We wondered whether one ball was enough for the Memphis Grizzlies’ offense. We were annoyed that Spanish phenom Ricky Rubio wouldn’t […]

These men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of

Ant is the newest writer here at NBAMate. When he’s not over-loading the server with his long, rambling, over-hyphenated posts, he’s fighting for the revival of the fedora as a mainstream fashion item or bluffing his way through a cricket conversation with work mates. He is the thinking man’s NBA blogger, so lock-in and enjoy. […]