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Have Ya Heard – Deadline Approaching

In the belated second edition of ‘Have Ya Heard’, SP discusses the situation faced by Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. He also explains why the Los Angeles Lakers should bury the hatchet and trade Pau Gasol. By now I’m sure most NBA fans are aware that the trade deadline is right around the corner. […]

Quotes of the Month – February 2012

“You think I’ll hang around and average 19 points or 18 points? Hell no.” – The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant on how much longer he intends to play. His ‘twilight years’ will be interesting, that’s for sure. “I’ll need something to live on.” – Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov pledged to give $17 billion of his $18 […]

Day 20 – The End of an Era?

We’ll do the votes, then we’ll talk about the amazing, incredible completely unpredictable predicament the Lakers have found themselves in thanks to this super Dallas team. 3 votes – Derrick Rose. The best game of Derrick Rose’s playoff career thus far.  He was so aggressive that I was almost offended just watching him. He was […]

On Killer B’s and Pau Gasol

One month into the NBA season, the view from the top isn’t exactly what people expected. The San Antonio Spurs (12-1) with the best record in the league? The Hornets (now 12-2 after a shocking loss to the Clippers) with the equal second-best record? The Miami Heat (8-6) struggling with losses to Memphis and Indiana […]

2010 NBA Finals – Game 7 Retro Diary

I didn’t get to see Game 7 live. One of the tragedies of these 2010 NBA Finals has been the scheduling – in the Land Downunder, not one Finals game was played on a Saturday or a Sunday. Very frustrating. I followed the game on the play-by-play, and later that afternoon I read all the […]

Game 6 Wrap and looking ahead to Kobe & Game 7

So I was wrong about Game 6. Completely wrong. I expected the same themes to continue from Games 4 and 5, that being the Celtics completely out-hustling, out-muscling, and out-shooting the Lakers. I expected LA’s offense to continue its struggles, requiring Kobe to kick-start it all too often, and fizzling out late in the game […]

Game 4 – A Big ol’ Baby is born

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images It was a game the Celtics absolutely had to win, and their defensive effort in the first quarter showed they understood this all too well. The Lakers, to their credit, matched that intensity and the result was a hard-fought Finals game, even though the standard overall was pretty poor. Before […]

Game 2 Wrap

With Game 1 of the NBA Finals proving a bit of a lemon from a competitive standpoint, most neutrals – myself included – would have been hoping and praying for a more resilient Boston team to show up in the second game. They didn’t disappoint. If you weren’t lucky (or unemployed) enough to be free […]

NBA Finals Game 1: Pau! Right in the kisser

3 votes – Pau Gasol: Two years is a long time in sports. And after putting in what could only be described as a meek performance in the 2008 Finals, Gasol had a lot to prove this time around. Of course, avid watchers of regular season basketball would have seen the improvements Gasol has made […]

Backing the Green

No, this is not the 2008 Finals again. It’s completely different. The Celtics have a very different looking bench and an All-Defensive point guard. The Lakers are better and are the reigning champions. But I’m still tipping history to repeat itself and the Celtics to walk home with championship #18. Here’s why. It’s a boring […]