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The five most annoying dos in the NBA

Give me a pair of clippers and I would gleefully go to town on this mob. In no particular order. Omer Asik It’s a mess. But who am I to say – the ladies seem to like it (bloody hell!!).

Whats Doin: Harrison Barnes lowers the boom

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Finally, a Robert Sacre compilation. I love this guy. * If you haven’t seen it, here’s The Harrison Barnes’ Dunk. It’s gonna’ be hard to top that. * More from Andrew Bogut on his injury situation. * In his first game in China […]

Day 26 – Bulls Takin’ Care Of Bizness

In the end, it was pretty easy for the Chicago Bulls to wrap up their series in Game 6. While Atlanta fought hard, their shots just weren’t falling as the Bulls wrapped it up with a 93-73 victory, featuring their now-trademark tenacious D. (Terrible, terrible pun, true…but did JB and KG not form the world’s […]