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Most Valuable Protagonist

As the NBA season begins its second half, shit tends to get just a little bit tedious for everyone involved. Fans have more or less figured out which teams are good, bad or plain mediocre. The players on the good teams are just trying to get to the All-Star break uninjured; the players on the […]

The MVP Candidates: Part III

Who wants to be like Dirk? Well, the MVP part… not who wants to choke in the playoffs. Check out Parts I and II of my look at this year’s MVP candidates, and my gripe against the MVP There’s a reason I didn’t get round to writing this blog sooner. Between me being lazy, spending […]

The MVP Candidates: Part II

Check out Part I of my look at this year’s MVP candidates. #6 Tim Duncan If you’re bemused that I have Tim Duncan this high up the rankings despite his numbers being at a career-low and the brilliant play of Manu, just get one thing in your head: Tim Duncan has been an MVP candidate […]

The MVP Candidates: Part I

A few days back I got cranky and had a little vent about the MVP and how it’s threatening to lose credibility. With that out of my system I felt relieved, and a lot clearer about who really are the most deserving players to be mentioned in MVP discussions. Having compiled by top 11, I […]