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Sunday Six Pack: Midrange Game, Three-point Blame and Moustache Fame

ONE: A mixed week in the NBA, as far as the Aussie contingent goes. The bad news obviously being that Bogut injured his leg. The good news is that Bogut thinks he can get back on the court quicker than the 2-4 weeks that was initially diagnosed. I had a similar injury my second year […]

The First Sunday Six Pack

There are too many sports blogs. Too many. Ever wondered why Ball Don’t Lie bother doing their Ten Man Rotation bit? Because there’s too many sports blogs, and you’ll never find all the good stuff without someone trawling through cyberspace to find the good stuff for you. So lies the reason for the Sunday Six […]

Happy Birthday Bogut, the return of Ray and some Puerto Rican guy

After recovering from a weird and wonderful night spent talking and dancing with strangers with moustaches at the Movember Melbourne Gala Party, my life returned to a little normalcy today (although seeing the guy with assless chaps win Man of Movember may scar me for a few more weeks). Here’s a look around the L. […]

Mo’s, Blows, and the new Dolphin Saver

Ok I didn’t tell anyone but secretly I decided I wasn’t going to write another blog until Detroit won a game with Allen Iverson. To say I was disappointed with losing to the Nets (let alone Devin Harris going for a career high) and then being whooped by the Celtics is an understatement. I was […]