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Whats Doin: The power of the death stare

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * The Warriors would be wise to play it safe with Andrew Bogut. * Did you see Kobe Bryant’s death stare at Mike Brown in their loss to Utah? Brown was sacked the next day. Coincidence? I think not. * The Lakers need a […]

Ramon Who?

As the trade deadline ticked over last week, we saw a couple of somewhat marquee players in Gerald Wallace and Nene being shipped to new locations. However, the deal most likely to have the greatest impact on the final stretch of the NBA season was the trade which saw the Los Angeles Lakers acquire Ramon […]

Top Ten Most Likely: 2010-11 Edition

Just as he did a couple of seasons ago, Tizzle is back to look at the most likely headlines awaiting us in 2010-2011. Read all about it! 1. Carmelo Anthony Suits Up For NY His intentions were clear before, after a summer of Broadway flirtation, but now they are 100% obvious. Amar’e took one step […]

One and the Done

J.O is the newest writer here at NBAMate. His mantra is “If it’s not NBA, it’s not BASKETBALL”. The owner of over 200 NBA ‘video-taped’ games, J.O. lives n breathes NBA on a daily basis, reads it, watches it, writes about it and challenges anybody to a game of NBA 2K10. The guy really does need a life… […]

The Man Wade, the Knick Lebron and the Smooth Obama

I woke up late Saturday morning to find the following message on my phone from Tizzle: To one and all. Let this be the day remembered as the day the Knicks basically signed Lebron James. Save this msg for 2010. New York basketball is back! I find it amusing that Knicks fans can rejoice “New […]

Day 2 & 3 Ramblings

We’re three days into the season and that means every team has now played at least once. It also means it’s the last time you’ll see every Eastern Top 8 team with a record above .500. Quite a momentous day really. The inspirational Vince Carter (aka “Captain Carter” which almost makes me vomit) lead his […]

Game 3 Pain

Painful. For Cavs fans and NBA fans alike, this series is becoming extremely painful. As I said in an email to my friend earlier today, this could become the worst NBA Finals series in history. I qualified that statement by saying that if we got at least one close game the series might be saved. […]