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Hey Lebron, here’s 10 better ways to use your chalk!

If you hadn’t heard by now, Lebron James has released his latest shoe and it is called “Chalk”. Why? Because before every game Lebron James slaps a bit of chalk powder together, throws it in the air like a ballerina and Nike thought it would be good to base a shoe on this. And an […]

What Kobe got for Christmas Part II and the Jordan-Paxson Effect

A year ago Kobe Bryant had a very special Christmas Day realization that his team was perhaps a real championship contender. A lot has happened since that day, namely the Gasol trade and a trip to the NBA Finals. But despite the lofty heights achieved by the Lakers in the last 365 days, Christmas in […]

Your 2008 NBA Champions, the Boston Celtics

Celtics 2008 Championship Wallpaper (click for full size) I would have liked to blog about game 6 of the Finals a little closer to the day it was played, but there were a few reasons I didn’t get round to that. 1) I only watched the first and last quarter of that game and didn’t […]

Game 4 and 5 Drama

It took me a while to recover from the ridiculous Game 4 of this series, the most amazing Finals comeback I’ve seen, and probably of all time. Then we almost saw it happen again in Game 5 – the two biggest comebacks in Finals history could have happened back-to-back. Despite a lot of people saying […]

Bloggin the Mavs vs Lakers

I’ve had this game circled in my calender for a while. Nothing beats two high-scoring Western Conference teams fighting for playoff spots with barely two weeks left in the season. The Lakers still in the hunt for that #1 seed out West, while the Mavericks are playing just to stay alive in the playoff race. […]

Kobe Bryant Blog Day Downunder

For anyone unaware of happenings in the NBA blogosphere, today is officially Kobe Bryant Blog Day. Now being downunder in Aus, today is actually yesterday in the States so we are actually writing on Kobe Bryant Blog Day from the future. Yes, we managed to borrow the time machine Dirk has been working on. Fittingly, […]

Dream Teams: ‘92 vs ‘07

See parts two and three A lot has been written about how this current USA Men’s Basketball Team is following in the footsteps of the original all-conquering Dream Team of 1992. The first resemblance is obvious: they’re winning. Unlike the last couple of USA Basketball Teams this one is winning and already has a gold […]

#1 Those Bulls

“Playing Phoenix and Charles Barkley in the 1993 Finals was like playing against your little brother and knowing you’re well-equipped. Your little brother might beat you one or two out of seven. But you know he’s going to get beat in the end. The Suns didn’t know how to win. They knew how to compete, […]

1995 – All those years ago

While driving down the Princes Highway from Bulla to Geelong today I turned my radio dial to Gold 104.3 FM (for those non-Melbournians that is the station where you get your fix of 60s, 70s and 80s music) expecting to hear some old-school mellow tunes to soothe my soul. Instead I was shocked to hear Alanis Morissette […]