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The things I learned in June

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * I’m surprised that so many people are dumping on James Harden for his Finals performance. Sure, he was disappointing, but let’s be realistic here; he’s a third year player in this league and only 22 years old. I’ll repeat that, he’s 22 years old. And he […]

Game 5 and the newly crowned King

It’s only a matter of time. Since the most eventful NBA off-season (2010) that I’ve ever witnessed in my life, every NBA fan looked at the newly formed Miami Heat, either with wide-eyed amazement or with pure disgust, and uttered those words at some point along the journey. You couldn’t assemble three Franchise players, including […]

Whats Doin: World Peace the weather man!

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Metta World Peace reads a weather forecast on Canadian television. His best line – “Victoria, she sounds like she’s hot, but she’s actually cold”. Classic. * Pau Gasol really really enjoyed this hug with Rafael Nadal at the French Open. * CBS Sports’ […]

Heat vs Thunder Finals Preview

Robd: “It’s only right, it’s only right” said LeBron when asked about his opponents the Oklahoma City Thunder in the upcoming Finals. I couldn’t have said it any better. “Only right” that the best two teams in the league are left to face off each other. “Only right” that the best two young players in […]

Day 41 – Like a Bosh

So the bracket has finally been resolved and we have our two finalists. It’s come as no real surprise that the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be the two teams battling it out for the hardware. It’s true, they play the games for a reason, but it was fairly obvious before the […]

Day 40 – Setting the stage for an all-time classic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. LeBron James is the best damn player in the NBA. The way he commands attention on offense without skipping a beat defensively, is a testament to the hard work that’s gone in to developing this under appreciated and incredibly well balanced superstar. Game 6 was all […]

Heat vs Celtics ECF Preview

We’re two men down and a bit late getting it up, but it’s playoff time, so you know, ‘no excuses’ and all that crap (I’ve always found this notion to be a bit ridiculous; if you’re hurt you’re hurt, and depending on the player it can absolutely impact the outcome of a game/series – just […]

Day 25 – Heat Check

Hey, Indiana, thanks for making this series a little more exciting than we thought it’d be. But you can now pack your bags. In the space of two games, Dwyane Wade found his shot and LeBron James found his testicles, and Miami have looked like the threatening  juggernaut we witnessed all season, even without Chris Bosh. […]

Second round playoff predictions – East

Round 2 is upon as! Well, at least for the Eastern Conference. Those Los Angeles teams out West just can’t seem to take care of business. For now, here are our thoughts and predictions for the two East series. We’ll be back once the West match ups are finalised. Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76′ers JT: […]

Day 6 – LBJ still taking care of business

After six days of the NBA playoffs it’s looking as if the window has officially shut on the Mavericks’ aspirations of defending their title. And in New York, LeBron & Co played their first playoff game in Madison Square Garden – they didn’t disappoint. 3 votes – LeBron James. After three quarters had been played […]