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Whats Doin: Spike’s revenge

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Steph Curry’s one-legged three pointer. Wow! * Two wicked dunks – Iman Shumpert and Kevin Durant. * Gregg Popovich and sideline interviews are the best (1 and 2). * Joe Ingles arrives for the Euroleague Final Four. * LeBron James put on a […]

Day 31 – Spurs streak still alive

So the incredible regular season / post season streak continues for the Spurs (now at 20 wins), and the Thunder are in a 0-2 hole needing to win four of the next five. Doesn’t sound very likely does it? While there’s no moral victories in the playoffs, the Thunder can take something away from this game. The fact the […]

Whats Doin: Popovich tears Tony a new one

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Ricky Rubio laying on the baggage carousel at an airport, watchin’ hoop. As you do. * A ‘flop off’ between Manu Ginobili (who else) and James Harden in Game 1 of the WCF. * Chris Kaman is one weird dude. * LeBron taunts […]

Day 29 – Not so fast young fellas

The Spurs methodically took care of business at home in the series opener, like an elite team should, but in my opinion it’s not a predictor for how the rest of the series will play out. I mean, the Thunder weren’t particularly impressive in this game – Durant was blanketed down the stretch and Harden […]

Day 5 – When Business Resumed As Normal

After the craziness of the first couple of days of this playoff series, today was a return to normality, where the top seeds re-established their dominance over the upstart lower seeds and won games they should have in LA and San Antonio, while the Team Formerly Known As The Sonics jumped out to a big […]

Most Valuable Protagonist

As the NBA season begins its second half, shit tends to get just a little bit tedious for everyone involved. Fans have more or less figured out which teams are good, bad or plain mediocre. The players on the good teams are just trying to get to the All-Star break uninjured; the players on the […]

Fantasy Island

“Ze plane! Ze plane!” Time for our first look into the fantasy landscape for season 2010/11. The surprises. The disappointments. The sinking feeling when Kevin Love drops a 30/30 on your H2H team. Here are some of the prevailing storylines so far this season, beginning with the team everyone is talking about… “I love it […]

Round Ball Fever: The All-NBA FIFA Team

Taking a break from the madness of the NBA Finals, the 2010 FIFA World Cup starts this weekend which should provide a brief, pleasurable diversion from footy-mad Melbourne. Maybe not for us hardened NBA fans who have enjoyed the excitement of the Celtics/Lakers confrontation unfold. But if you’re a diehard sports fan, then the next […]

Day 17 – Point guards rule the day. Except Mo Williams, who chokes, again.

Yeah so we missed Day 16… Rob’s got you covered on that tomorrow 3 votes – Steve Nash: After playing one of the worst games of his playoff career in the close-out win against Portland, the Nashmeister rebounded with a masterful display. Looking more like Tony Parker than Steve Nash, he knifed through the San […]

Sunday Six Pack: Decorating Bogut, Shout-outs, and Dying by the Kobe

ONE: Haven’t done an Aussie Roundup in a little while – guess I’m still recovering from the tragic news of Bogut’s injury. But there is some cause for rejoice for Aussie NBA fans. In case you weren’t following the blow-out that was Game 2 of Phoenix vs Portland, our own Patty Mills got a 7-minute […]