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Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft 2.1: Man-Crush Edition

Its tournament time for collegiate basketball and that means only one thing: it’s time for another Idiot’s Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft Man-Crush Edition, or as Ric Bucher would say IBGTT09NBADMCR. Last year’s Man-Crush blog saw me seduced by the point guard smarts of Super Mario Chalmers, the cuddliness of Derrick Rose and the […]

Idiots Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft

Ahoy there Draftorians (sounds like something out of Star Trek really), and welcome back to the first Installment of the 2009 Idiots Guide to the 2009 NBA draft. Last year, I was completely rooted by the Sonics/ Thunder/ Train-Wrecks selection of Russell Westbrook at pick 4, but I did pick the first three picks, in […]

Luke Hodge is The Man

Luke Hodge is The Man. That’s all you need to know. Of all the things I learnt from last week’s AFL Grand Final, one fact has resonated throughout my brain every minute of every day for seven days straight – Luke Hodge is the fucken man. Very rarely in AFL football can one player impose […]

Q&A with the Draft Dude

He’s been following the 2008 draft like a hawk since his first Idiot’s Blog Guide back in November last year. With draft day now behind us Robd sat down with the Draft Dude, just like he did last year, to see how he made sense of it all. RD: We’ve had a few drafts recently […]

Day 14 – Can you believe this?

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 14 The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks are going to a game 7, and before any one starts telling me “It’s Golden State vs Dallas all over again!”, let me emphatically announce that this is nothing like Golden State vs Dallas. For three reasons: 1. Before last year’s playoffs started the signs […]

Day 7 & 8 – Parker the Great

Contrary to what most of you are probably thinking, the reason I didn’t add to my playoff diary yesterday was not because my Pistons got slammed by the 76′ers. I actually had a friend’s bucks party to attend, and due to a bout of beersomnia I’m currently dealing with I thought I’d get to some […]

Day 4 – The Anti-Dirk

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 4 Did you know that Chris Paul throughout his career has averaged 33.5 points, 13.5 assists, 4 rebounds, 3.5 steals in the playoffs? Never mind he’s only been in the playoffs two games. That’s irrelevant. What matters is in the two biggest games of CP3’s basketball life so far he’s delivered near […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft 2.1: Man-Crush Edition

The Draft Dude is back with a heart-throbbing look at the 2008 NBA Draft. Make sure to check out Jobba’s mock draft from back in February. Welcome back to an added installment of the Idiot’s Draft Guide. Truth be told, this blog was never intended to be made, but after repeated advances by Robd (not […]

Part II of The Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft

Check out Jobba’s mock draft from November ‘07 With the craziness of the trade deadline behind us, I thought it would be an opportune time to look at some of the possible selections of the 2008 NBA Draft. Enjoy! 14. Houston Rockets Kevin Love 6’9 PF UCLA Fresh. What is it with the Rockets? They […]