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Lockout Blues: Where I Unleash My Inner 2Pac

Note: The opinions and f-bombs expressed in this post belong solely to one very pissed off NBA fan and blogger, and are not necessarily fit for consumption by children and/or mothers. This how we gonna do this. F**k David Stern. F**k Billy Hunter. F**k the NBA, the NBAPA, their members, their owners and their organisations, And if […]

Lockout Blues: Fixing The System

Last night I was leaning back in my chair, chucking a ball against the wall and thoroughly pissing off my neighbours in the process when I received a mobile call. Hmm, strange number. Looks American. Meh. Probably one of my cousins. Answer it. “Ash speaking.” “This is David Stern.” “Haha, yeah right. F**k off.” “No, […]

Lockout Blues – Stuck In The Middle

By now everyone knows that the first two weeks of the NBA season have been written off, and we’re almost certainly going to lose more. Not that I’m personally surprised. I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen that we’ll be incredibly lucky to get a season at all. The reasons why we’re in this position are […]

The Smart Money In This Year’s Free Agency

I am a positive thinker (not really I am just bored) so when the lockout ends sometime around mid January, the free agency period promises to be a pretty dull affair. It’s short on big names and teams with cash to spend. But like always, if you know where to look you can find what […]

Lockout Blues: Of Teams And Man

The NBA has too many teams. There. I’ve set out the basic premise of this article in the very first line. Last time, I discussed the problem of market size in the NBA. Part of the reason this is a problem is that the NBA simply over-expanded over the years, which has also served to […]

Good Riddance

The NBA’s new CBA will almost certainly include an “amnesty clause” – a one-time opportunity for teams to remove their worst contracts from the books. They will still have to pay the players guaranteed monies, but it will not count against the cap. So here’s the deal. I am the owner, I’ve got deep pockets […]

Lockout Blues: The System Has Failed

It’s been a tough few months, with my footy team struggling and my other two favourite sporting leagues (the NBA and the NFL) both locked out. Thankfully, the NFL affair seems to be coming close to a conclusion – but that was because, when it came down to it, their fight happened because millionaires (players) […]

Sunday Six Pack – That’s What She Said, Patty Watch and the Lockout

ONE: Patty Mills looks to have returned from injury without losing a step, pouring in 27 points against Washington State on Tuesday night. Speaking of Patty, we’ve put a ‘Patty Mills Draft Watch’ in the sidebar and we plan to update it regularly leading right up to draft night. You can thank Jobba for that […]