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Kobe Bryant: In his own Words

We are just days away from the 2009 Finals, and perhaps only a couple of weeks away from Kobe Bryant sticking a flag in the top of the basketball mountain. A flag that signals the end of the “without Shaq” tag, the doubts of “never being able to lead his own team”. I spoke about […]

Watch out Kobe, Lebron is about to screw with your legacy

Last season I said that Kobe Bryant had a problem. Despite a reinvigorated team and a shiny MVP trophy, 2007-2008 was essentially the season that Kobe failed. Failed to win a championship and take advantage of perhaps the best chance he’ll ever get to win one. People look back now and remember the Celtics dominance […]

The End of T-Mac?

I just read this ESPN article in disbelief. T-Mac will have season-ending surgery on his left knee. I don’t know why I’m so stunned, because I really should have seen this coming. We knew T-Mac was finished. With a back that seems more injury-prone than my 82 year old grandpa’s and a left knee about […]

Kobe Bryant: A Legacy on the Line

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for Hoopcity Magazine about Kobe Bryant and his legacy. Edition #2 of Hoopcity has been pushed back a couple of weeks to accommodate the NBA Finals, so the Kobe article has been published online while the Lakers and Celtics are stilling battling it out… while Kobe’s legacy […]