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Yesterday Larry Hughes came within one point…

…of making me wear this t-shirt: Exactly one year and one month ago Larry Hughes scored 40 points prompting an outburst of disbelief from yours truly and the proclamation that “Larry Hughes will NEVER score 40 points again in a game of NBA basketball. EVER” And we all know what happened yesterday. Larry Hughes scored […]

Larry Hughes is a very clutch shooter

“If we lose to Minnesota today I”ll shoot myself”, were the exact words I emailed a mate yesterday morning. Of course it’s easy to say something like that when you don’t give your opposition half a chance. Seriously, the T-Wolves? The team that lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder? I’m speechless. I can honestly say […]

The TrashTalk MVP Ballot

I promised when I was slamming the MVP award that I’d be back at the end of the season with my ballot. I’ve been thinking long and hard about the MVP for a couple of months now, and in reality, the decision for MVP is no easier now than it was back in early March. […]

Days like this

I love days like this in the NBA. We got 14 games of action which meant I spent approximately 4 hours 25 minutes in the office Alt-Tabbing between “work” and ESPN’s NBA scoreboard. Not only did we get a heap of games but we also managed to score a wicked game on ESPN – the […]

Larry Hughes is a very good shooter

Thank you to one very astute blog reader today who pointed out the following comment I wrote yesterday: There are some that say they should be seeking out J-Kidd – I say this is a horrible idea for the Cavs because they already have someone who can’t shoot (Larry Hughes) and Lebron is a brilliant […]

Tough Juice, Larry Huges and the Frustrated Suns Fan

Been a crazy couple of days in the L. Lets reflect. I laughed hard at Caron after his post-game brain fade against the Celtics when he said the Wizards were aiming at a championship. Well, I laughed even harder when those same Wizards got beaten by the Knicks two days ago. A loss to the […]