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Days 30-32: Starting to feel like 2008 again

Day 30 – Where Orlando ’10 looked like Cleveland ’09 3 votes – Ray Allen. Ray was real smooth in this one. Smoothly draining 8-16 shots on his way to a team-high 25 points, smoothly sneaking into the key to grab 7 rebounds (an equal-playoff high for Ray), and smoothly sinking two free throws with […]

Day 18 – Mighty Dwighty

3 votes – Dwight Howard. After waiting 8 days for their second round opponent, you could have forgiven the Magic for being a little rusty. Right? Wrong. Not only did they convincingly win, it was one of those flat-out embarrassing wins that has the potential to destroy the soul of your opponent, with lingering effects. […]

Lakers Escape to go up 2-0

AP Photo/Matt Sayles The Orlando Magic were within inches of leveling this series at 1-1. Inches of Courtney Lee’s layup dropping through at the buzzer in regulation. Inches within a Dwight Howard deflection of a Kobe pass to Gasol that resulted in the game-sealing three point play. Make no mistake, this was a game that […]

Day 10 – Judgement Day

3 votes – The entire Denver Nuggets team. Such a lop-sided contest like this defies conventional anaylsis. The idea that a team can lose in the playoffs by 58 points is completely foreign to me. So I will let Denver coach George Karl explain it: “Every coach talks about playing a playoff game, every possession […]

Bloggin the Mavs vs Lakers

I’ve had this game circled in my calender for a while. Nothing beats two high-scoring Western Conference teams fighting for playoff spots with barely two weeks left in the season. The Lakers still in the hunt for that #1 seed out West, while the Mavericks are playing just to stay alive in the playoff race. […]

More on the MVP, farewell C-Webb, and crazy Lamar

More MVP talk around the league with Jon Barry making the wonderfully decisive call: “If the New Orleans Hornets win the West’s pitched regular-season battle, I’ve got Chris Paul. If the Hornets don’t win the West, I’ve got Kobe Bryant no matter what.” Thank you Jon, you can now jump off that fence you’re sitting […]

Gasol to the Lakers

  It was a normal Saturday morning in our household. I came downstairs gingerly after a few too many Winnies the night before and plonked myself on the couch next to my housemate who was flicking through the usual Saturday morning Foxtel garbage. We stopped on ESPN hoping to find some live NBA, joking that […]