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Introducing The Doubting Thomas Award

Life in the NBA is tough. No matter how good you were in college or in Europe or on the And 1 Mixtape Tour, it all counts for nothing. You have to prove yourself all over again. And that’s hard when you’ve got a world of expectation on your shoulders. Maybe you’re the freak who […]

Disturbing news X2

My phone rings. It’s Chucko. “You read the MX today?” The MX is a free Melbourne newspaper that you usually read on the train. It’s 6pm, I’m still at work, so no I haven’t read it. “See what they said about Donaghy?” I wasn’t aware but I felt a bitter rant coming from a Suns […]

Gasol to the Lakers

  It was a normal Saturday morning in our household. I came downstairs gingerly after a few too many Winnies the night before and plonked myself on the couch next to my housemate who was flicking through the usual Saturday morning Foxtel garbage. We stopped on ESPN hoping to find some live NBA, joking that […]

Reviving Wilt, Hate Mail and the GRTT

I think I put a curse on Bynum. I went and wrote that whole blog about how awesome he’s been playing, how he’s playing at an All-Star caliber, and how the Lakers look almost unbeatable when he’s on the court. Then he goes and does his knee. Lucky this is not the AFL so a […]