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Kobe vs MJ: The games they dropped 50 or more

There’s always plenty of Kobe-MJ comparisons going around, some interesting, some downright stupid. This is certainly one of the more unique (and beautifully illustrated) ones I’ve seen: the games they dropped 50 or more. Check it out and spew forth your comments.

Sunday Six Pack: Misfiring Aussies, Vince and the 81

ONE: Kicking off the Aussie round-up with the Bogey Man, I’d like to first point out that he is still the league-leading shot blocker. You know, just in case there’s anyone reading this thinking he isn’t All-Star worthy. He’s also 5th in the league in rebounds per game with 11.5, confirming what we already knew […]

Your 2008 NBA Champions, the Boston Celtics

Celtics 2008 Championship Wallpaper (click for full size) I would have liked to blog about game 6 of the Finals a little closer to the day it was played, but there were a few reasons I didn’t get round to that. 1) I only watched the first and last quarter of that game and didn’t […]

Game 4 and 5 Drama

It took me a while to recover from the ridiculous Game 4 of this series, the most amazing Finals comeback I’ve seen, and probably of all time. Then we almost saw it happen again in Game 5 – the two biggest comebacks in Finals history could have happened back-to-back. Despite a lot of people saying […]