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What Kobe got for Christmas Part III: Lebron and the Little Things

 (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) I don’t mean to make this all about Kobe, but this Christmas Day theme has kind of become an NBAMate tradition (2007, 2008) so we might as well run with it. I missed the first quarter of this game because I was sleeping – seriously, do the NBA […]

Merry Christmas from Lebron, Kobe and Santa

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Cleveland, now you have your adversity

Too many thoughts, not enough time to organise them… I wrote this paragraph after the Magic won Game 3 two days ago (honest, I swear): For years now I’ve been hearing the same phrase, right up until barely a few months ago when Houston were mounting a playoff run. “You’ll never win an NBA championship […]

Kobe gets help, Lakers go up 2-1

My lingering memory from Game 3 of this series will not be Kobe’s clutch three or Ariza’s steal. It will be Pau Gasol’s fourth quarter performance and the Lakers persistence in running their offense through him. That Gasol needed more touches was painstakingly obvious through the first two games of this series, because as was […]

Sunday Six Pack: Kobe-Lebron, the NBL and Chauncey Love

It’s been a while since the last Six Pack, mostly due to my USA travels, but with a lot happening in the world of basketball both abroad and at home, I thought it was about time to crack open a few. ONE: The state of NBL basketball continues to be in turmoil. Several people (including […]