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Stories from Ghana

Longtime readers of this blog will know of Tizzle, NBAMate’s resident Knicks fan. Over the years he has chimed in to write about his beloved Knicks whether it be during his travels to New York, a tribute to Eddy Curry, or as part of a very intriguing insight into the mind of a 6th grader. […]

Knicks fans I’m never Ghana forget!

The resident Knicks fan is back, who you may remember was last seen trying to brainwash his 6th graders in the ways of the orange, blue and white. It turns out his attempts are not just limited to the land downunder. Read on to find out about Tizzle’s amazing trip to Ghana, where he was […]

Kids Say the Darndest Things: The NBA from the point of view of a 6th Grader

You know how kids always seem to tell things like it is? That candid, naive point of view that simply escapes you when you get old and twisted like Hubie Brown or Stan Van Gundy. We thought it would be fun to ask a few sixth graders some questions about the NBA, their favourite players, […]