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Whats Doin: A superstar giveaway

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Andrew Bogut makes an impact in his first game back. * Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski recounts how the James Harden trade went down. * Grantland’s Zach Lowe puts the microscope on the James Harden trade. * Check out this shot chart comparison of […]

The James Harden trade – OKC’s first big mistake?

I was supposed to sit down to write an assignment. I’d just put out a smoke and was preparing to knuckle down to right the last 1500 words on Rousseau and inequality after a quick Twitter check this Sunday arvo. The first thing I see? “James Harden and his beard on his way to Houston.” […]

Have Ya Heard – Deadline Approaching

In the belated second edition of ‘Have Ya Heard’, SP discusses the situation faced by Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. He also explains why the Los Angeles Lakers should bury the hatchet and trade Pau Gasol. By now I’m sure most NBA fans are aware that the trade deadline is right around the corner. […]