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2011 Finals Game 5 – The Defining Game

So often a Game 5 is the defining game in the Finals, which contains the make-or-break moment where the game – and the entire series – could have gone either way. We may look back on this Game 5 in the exact same way. The Mavs were the better team all day, and enjoyed a […]

Catching up on the Votes – Day 31-33

Day 31 – ReDirkulous 3 votes – Dirk Nowitzki. I didn’t see this game until three days later. Usually during the playoffs I won’t go and watch games that are 3-days old because there’s so much new action every day – what happened 3 days ago is old news. But I just had to watch […]

Day 18 – Puerto Rican Guy! Puerto Rican Guy!

It was almost a year ago today when Puerto Rican Guy was voted off the NBA Wall Of Fame to make way for NBA Doubting Thomas Of The Year champ Danilo “The Cock” Gallinari. Today, he clearly showed just how much the slight still hurt by contributing a major role off the bench in the […]

Wall of Fame, meet Danilo Gallinari

Once again the people have spoken. For only the fourth time in NBAMate history, we have a personnel change in our Wall of Fame. The votes were tight, and thanks to the recent groundswell of anti-Miami hate, Dwayne Wade looked like his days in the WoF were numbered. He was in a tussle with Juan […]

Dallas Mavericks – 2009 NBA Blog Preview

Photo by Danny Bollinger When I think about my trip to the USA earlier in the year, of all the NBA games that I saw, one stands out very clearly in my mind. This one. Of all the teams I watched around the country during that month-long adventure, the most fun I had – apart […]

The Mavs are Coming

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) So you thought the Dallas Mavericks were going to stumble into the playoffs by default, becoming a short-lived 8th seeded passenger? Think again. After effectively terminating the Suns playoff hopes with a 24-point slaughtering on Sunday, the Mavs tonight completely dismantled a Utah team fighting to stay ahead of them in the […]

Melbourne Summer, Rondo The Man and the Fu**ing Puerto Rican Guy

This is probably my favourite time of year. I worked my last day of the year on Friday and now face a month of summer and beer drenched days stretching all the way though till early January. I plan to spend a lot of that time walking around without pants on, watching a lot more […]

Back-to-back Sheed and more Puerto Rican guy

I’ve said this before, but there are few plays in this league more demoralizing to the opposition than a big Rasheed Wallace three. Today the Spurs felt the long range wrath of Sheed who nailed three fourth-quarter treys and outplayed Tim Duncan down the stretch (just like he did last season). But it was his […]

Happy Birthday Bogut, the return of Ray and some Puerto Rican guy

After recovering from a weird and wonderful night spent talking and dancing with strangers with moustaches at the Movember Melbourne Gala Party, my life returned to a little normalcy today (although seeing the guy with assless chaps win Man of Movember may scar me for a few more weeks). Here’s a look around the L. […]