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Free Agency Flights

With the silly season now in full swing, we only thought it fair to share our opinions on what could be the most exciting, entertaining, league-changing off season, ever! Today alone I read that these NBA “reporters” have learnt Lebron and Bosh are definitely going to Chicago. Then I read Lebron and Bosh are definitely […]

Joe Default and his Merry Men

Continued from Part I: Fairways and the Naked Truth “We’re gonna kick ass!” I shouted, high-fiving my newly announced team members. I glanced at Sam. “Hope you’re up for it Franchise!”. After a night of continued drinking and shitty sleep thanks to my new teammate (the “Crap Golfer”) snoring like a moose orgy, I woke […]

Championship Ingredients and the Business Man

Day 11 – The day we said goodbye to the Spurs 3 votes – Paul Pierce. On Day 9 regarding the Bulls-Celtics series I said “Surely the remaining games of this series won’t be able to top Game 4? Right?” Impossibly, you could very well argue that Game 5 did. There have been enough crazy […]

Day 14 – Can you believe this?

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 14 The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks are going to a game 7, and before any one starts telling me “It’s Golden State vs Dallas all over again!”, let me emphatically announce that this is nothing like Golden State vs Dallas. For three reasons: 1. Before last year’s playoffs started the signs […]