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Whats Doin: Ever heard of Ben Simmons? You will

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Anthony Davis meets his unibrow twin in London. * Some CSKA Moscow players (Kirilenko, Krstic, Khryapa, Gordon and Shved) dancing on stage. But really, if you’re watching those guys (instead of the hot blondes) then you may need to re-evaluate. * Ben Simmons, […]

Game 6 – Lebron and the World Champion Dallas Mavericks

I deliberately waited a couple of days to write this post, because I didn’t want to be guilty of the immediate overreaction that so much of the NBA media and its fans have been spewing forth. “Lebron has destroyed his legacy”… “Lebron is more Pippen than Jordan”… “Dirk is a top-20 player all time”… This […]

2011 Finals Game 5 – The Defining Game

So often a Game 5 is the defining game in the Finals, which contains the make-or-break moment where the game – and the entire series – could have gone either way. We may look back on this Game 5 in the exact same way. The Mavs were the better team all day, and enjoyed a […]

2011 Finals Game 4 – Brought To You By My Credit Card

Because I had to go and buy League Pass this morning. So y’all better appreciate this shit. In the end, it was like the previous two games – not that brilliant from a pure basketball standpoint, but drama aplenty. More discussion after the points. 3 Points – Tyson Chandler. The Mavs won this game on […]


I watched the first three quarters of this game live yesterday, then, thinking Miami had it sealed up, put it on record to go do some work. Boy, was that a mistake. When I finally got around to watching the rest of the game I realised a couple of things. 1) Miami still can’t close […]

Day 36 – Mavs Unleash The Lightning Rod

Man, that was a hell of a game. For all money, midway through the 4th quarter, I thought the Thunder were home free. But the Mavs showed, once again, that they’re made of stern stuff and charged back to pull it out 112-105 in OT. I’ll start off here with the votes. 3 Points – […]

Day 22 and 24 – Filling in the gaps

Day 22 – Bring out the Brooms 3 votes – Jason Terry. On a day when Dirk was actually a little quiet (only took 11 shots), Jet went absolutely bananas, nailing 9-10 threes on his way to 32 points – in 25 minutes. On his way to sending the Lakers home in a stunning sweep. I […]

Dallas Mavericks – 2009 NBA Blog Preview

Photo by Danny Bollinger When I think about my trip to the USA earlier in the year, of all the NBA games that I saw, one stands out very clearly in my mind. This one. Of all the teams I watched around the country during that month-long adventure, the most fun I had – apart […]

The Mavs are Coming

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) So you thought the Dallas Mavericks were going to stumble into the playoffs by default, becoming a short-lived 8th seeded passenger? Think again. After effectively terminating the Suns playoff hopes with a 24-point slaughtering on Sunday, the Mavs tonight completely dismantled a Utah team fighting to stay ahead of them in the […]