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Whats Doin: Jason Kidd hits the slops

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Carried out of a nightclub off his face; crashes his SUV into a telephone pole almost killing himself; taken to hospital; arrested and charged with DUI. That’s your new ‘leader’, New York Knicks? * LeBron James’ new go-to move. * In a Sports […]

Day 8 – Fear the beard

While I wasn’t willing to wake up at 4:00am to watch the Pacers and Magic battle it out live in Orlando, I did manage to get myself out of bed at 6:30 – just in time to see my ex-lover, CP3, strut his stuff in front of a jacked up crowd in the Staples Center. […]

Day 36 – Mavs Unleash The Lightning Rod

Man, that was a hell of a game. For all money, midway through the 4th quarter, I thought the Thunder were home free. But the Mavs showed, once again, that they’re made of stern stuff and charged back to pull it out 112-105 in OT. I’ll start off here with the votes. 3 Points – […]

Day 34 – Unusual

This was an unusual playoff game, for many reasons. 3 votes – Tyson Chandler.  This was an unusual playoff game because not a single player really had it going. Durant sputtered through 46 minutes and again had one of those games where he takes a lot of threes and makes none of them (he’s 0-13 […]

Day 20 – The End of an Era?

We’ll do the votes, then we’ll talk about the amazing, incredible completely unpredictable predicament the Lakers have found themselves in thanks to this super Dallas team. 3 votes – Derrick Rose. The best game of Derrick Rose’s playoff career thus far.  He was so aggressive that I was almost offended just watching him. He was […]

Round Ball Fever: The All-NBA FIFA Team

Taking a break from the madness of the NBA Finals, the 2010 FIFA World Cup starts this weekend which should provide a brief, pleasurable diversion from footy-mad Melbourne. Maybe not for us hardened NBA fans who have enjoyed the excitement of the Celtics/Lakers confrontation unfold. But if you’re a diehard sports fan, then the next […]

Sunday Six Pack: The Epic 2010 New Years Edition

ONE: It’s been a while between Six Packs, and with the time off I’ve had over the New Year I thought it was only fitting to churn out what will undoubtedly be the most massive Sunday Six Pack of all time. On the Aussie front, the biggest news this week has of course been the […]

Sunday Six Pack: KD, VC and the Batman

  Ahhhh… feels good to down a six pack during the season for once. ONE: First the Aussie Roundup. BogutWatch – now back in action after a 10 month absence – didn’t exactly get off to the best start yesterday. The Bucks got rolled in Philly 99-86, with AB struggling in the 31 minutes of […]

Bloggin the Mavs vs Lakers

I’ve had this game circled in my calender for a while. Nothing beats two high-scoring Western Conference teams fighting for playoff spots with barely two weeks left in the season. The Lakers still in the hunt for that #1 seed out West, while the Mavericks are playing just to stay alive in the playoff race. […]

Stat Chat

Every now and then I get in these statistical moods. Here are a few interesting numbers from yesterday’s games: J-Kidd got his third straight triple-double, his 10th of the season and the 97th of his career. Kidd’s previous best was 12 triple doubles in the 06-07 season and he’s well poised to pass that this […]