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Sunday Six Pack: The Epic 2010 New Years Edition

ONE: It’s been a while between Six Packs, and with the time off I’ve had over the New Year I thought it was only fitting to churn out what will undoubtedly be the most massive Sunday Six Pack of all time. On the Aussie front, the biggest news this week has of course been the […]

Introducing The Doubting Thomas Award

Life in the NBA is tough. No matter how good you were in college or in Europe or on the And 1 Mixtape Tour, it all counts for nothing. You have to prove yourself all over again. And that’s hard when you’ve got a world of expectation on your shoulders. Maybe you’re the freak who […]

Eddy Curry: Bruised Never Broken

Your life’s tough? Maybe not now, but it has been? I know mine has been. But for normal people like you and me, when we are down or when the chips aren’t falling the way we want them, we don’t normally have 20-something-year-olds from other countries calling us “fat”, “lazy”, “underachieving” or “the stupid weak […]

Chris Paul: Ruining Stats for Point Guards Everywhere

Lebron James’ eye-popping numbers of late (he’s averaging 30-10-8 over his last five games) are blinding people to some other seriously freaky stat-stuffing performances around the league, namely those of Chris Paul. Chris Paul already ruined my favourite and most-proclaimed statistic last season – the last player to average 20 points and 10 assists through […]

The Top Ten Most Likely: 08-09 Edition

Tizzle is back with his crystal ball and a look at this seasons Top Ten Most Likely Things to Happen. You heard it here first folks! #1 – Camby was angry. Iverson was angry. Carmelo was angry. Every Denver fan was angry. Even yours truly was angry. But now, we are all living in disbelief. […]

Tizzle goes to New York

My Knicksperience in New York – PART I Hey everyone, Tizzle here. Thought I’d put together some thoughts and observations about my trip to NY to see the Knicks. Hope you enjoy. Game 1 vs. Houston My NBA cherry was to be popped tonight and I was pumped. Walking down 7th towards the Garden I […]

Top 10 Most Unlikely

You’ve seen the Most Likely list. Now it’s time for… Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Unlikely To Happen in 07-08 10. The Orlando Magic thinking they got Rashard Lewis “on the cheap” 9. Isiah Thomas asking Violet Palmer for some sweet love after she refs a Knicks game 8. Allen Iverson calling a press conference […]

Dynasties IV: Bird, Spurs and the Bad Boys

“Of all the people I play against, the only one I truly fear is Larry Bird” – Magic Johnson The Dyanasty Feature looks at the best teams over the past 30 years. Check out Parts I, II and III. #4 The Bird Celtics Years: 1979-1990 Titles: 3 (’81, ’84, ’86) The Boston Celtics were the […]