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The Australian 2009-2010 NBA TV Schedule

FACT: The 2009-2010 season will contain more NBA games shown live to Australian TV audiences than any other season in league history. Most weeks we’ll have four or five games shown across both ESPN and One HD, giving us a total (based on the current schedules) of a whopping 121 games. That is a big […]

Not getting enough NBA Downunder? International League Pass might be the go

I’m sure most of our Aussie readers have heard of NBA’s League Pass Broadband service which allows you to watch any game online. What you may not know is that this service is now offered internationally (and has been all season) and for a small fee, you too can enjoy watching every NBA game live. […]

NBAMate – For FAQs Sake!

The new site is here! What used to be the Kickz101 Podcast Blog is now NBAMate. It’s pretty simple. But for the more curios/dull minded folk this Q&A should answer everything you need to know about anything. Q: What happened? A: We decided we wanted a new site and a new name so we started […]