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Day 20 – Feeling the Heat

This is not how the story is supposed to go. Miami, title favorites for much of the season, are now in a 2-1 hole against the Indiana Pacers in the second round. Let me put that another way. The Indiana Pacers are 2 wins away from making the Eastern Conference Finals. The scary part? Right […]

Second round playoff predictions – East

Round 2 is upon as! Well, at least for the Eastern Conference. Those Los Angeles teams out West just can’t seem to take care of business. For now, here are our thoughts and predictions for the two East series. We’ll be back once the West match ups are finalised. Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76′ers JT: […]

The things I learned in April

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * I’m curious to see how the Chicago Bulls plan on keeping Taj Gibson. As a restricted free agent next season, if he can’t agree to an extension with the Bulls during the year then he’ll be free to accept offers from other teams in July 2013 […]

Q&A Roundtable: The home stretch

With only a few weeks left in the 2011-2012 season and some teams having as few as 10 games left to play, we’re well and truly on the home stretch. Perfect time then to check in with the NBAMate crew and pick their brains on all the big questions. Q&A stylez. 1. The Heat’s recent […]

Contenders and Pretenders – Early Season Edition

I know, it’s a little early. But with most teams having played 8 or more games, it’s enough of a sample size to get a feel for who will be the true contenders this season, and which teams are just making up the numbers. The Contenders 1. Miami Heat – They couldn’t have played their […]

2010-11 NBA Preview – Sleepers, Creepers and Grenades

Greetings, gentlemen and ladyboys. Today I come to you not from the glitz and glamour of South Beach, the sunshine and G-strings of the Gold Coast or even from amongst the skanky delights of my home city’s own Kings Cross. Instead, I come to you from my family’s apartment, right under the Sydney Airport flight […]

Sunday Six Pack: Brandon Jennings. That is all.

 AP Photo/Jeffery Phelps ONE: I normally do the Aussie Roundup first, but there’s no denying that the top of the news today – and arguably the whole week – belongs to Mr Brandon Jennings. After watching the Pistons pull off a nice come-from-behind victory in Washington, I went out shopping this afternoon feeling very content. […]

The First Sunday Six Pack

There are too many sports blogs. Too many. Ever wondered why Ball Don’t Lie bother doing their Ten Man Rotation bit? Because there’s too many sports blogs, and you’ll never find all the good stuff without someone trawling through cyberspace to find the good stuff for you. So lies the reason for the Sunday Six […]

What is Danny Granger?

There is a natural tendency for NBA fans and media to categorize players into certain molds to help better understand what they are and what they’re trying to do. To translate an unknown quantity into something a little more familiar. You only need to look at a scout report for any young player and you’ll […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Pretenders

It’s late October so you know what that means. Every basketball website /blog /magazine /podcast on the planet feels the need to look at every team and try to predict what’s going to happen in 08-09. Here at NBAMate we thought we’d do things a little differently. Rather than look at each team and try […]