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Game 2, Kobe & Federer, and the World’s Strongest Man Minute

What a huge weekend it was in sports. Sunday evening I watched the Blues pull off one of the greatest comebacks I can remember – after scoring only 3 goals through the first three quarters, we piled on 7 more in the final term (and held Port goalless). Late Sunday night I settled in to […]

The Truth Shines: Part II and the Votes

After blogging on that dream on the morning of game 1, I walked downstairs to find my house mate watching the ESPN pre-game show, wearing a Ray Allen jersey and a green shopping bag on his head. He explained to me he’d just bought the jersey yesterday, and he was clearly very excited about it. […]

Day 9 & 10 – Kobe cruises and the MIP

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 9 & 10 Few things I learnt from the last couple of days: The Washington Wizards must have the collective memory of a goldfish. So far pushing Lebron’s buttons has been about as successful as Lance Whitnall’s trips to the fat farm. But wait, I know, why don’t we call him a […]

Day 6 – Stayin Alive

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 6 This was an important day for the playoffs. Based on the first two games between the Magic and Raptors, Cavs and Wiz, and Rockets and Jazz, a 3-0 result was looking likely across all three series. But instead the Raptors pulled out a balanced effort to spank the Magic (they lead […]

HTFU Dwyane Wade

  UPDATED 4th March  About a month ago I wrote a blog asking why Dwyane Wade has somehow escaped criticism despite the Miami Heat’s woeful season, and basically telling him to HTFU. He is their star player, their main man, and when shit hits the fan and your team is putting up performances that would make […]

Why is Dwyane Wade Immune?

I need someone to help me understand something. The Miami Heat are such an incredibly bad team right now, that much has been well documented. They are being spanked by the Celtics as we speak after being down by 30 points in the second quarter. THE SECOND QUARTER! I don’t remember seeing a deficit that […]