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Denver, the GRTT and the lottery-bound Lakers?

Denver scored 168 points in a game. Let me put that into perspective. That is 75 points more than the Miami Heat average every game. That is as many points Ben Wallace has scored since January 15. That is more points than Brian Scalabrine has scored since the year 2006. It is a lot of […]

Tizzle goes to New York

My Knicksperience in New York – PART I Hey everyone, Tizzle here. Thought I’d put together some thoughts and observations about my trip to NY to see the Knicks. Hope you enjoy. Game 1 vs. Houston My NBA cherry was to be popped tonight and I was pumped. Walking down 7th towards the Garden I […]

Things I Learnt from Day 1

Day 1 of the season. Oh how I’ve waited for you. The endless months spent in anticipation, the speculation about the flashy new rookies, the desperate need for another NBA game to wipe away the foul memories of last year’s Finals series. Yes, the best eight months of the year have started, and here’s what […]

Dynasties: Part I

See Parts II, III and IV of the Dyansty Feature As soon as the San Antonio Spurs convincingly swept the Cavs in the 2007 NBA Finals, the following two questions were inevitable: Does this San Antonio team, having won four titles in nine years, qualify as an NBA dynasty? If so, where do they fit […]