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Idiot’s Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft: Lottery Edition

How amusing – we made this image in our first mock draft for 2009. Mike Dunleavy will be glad he studied it. 1.    LAC – Blake Griffin – 6’9 PF From Oklahoma Ok, so I’m gonna steal a semi-humorous joke I saw on the forum regarding the Clippers and their new stud. All they […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft: Part II

Howdy! I love Aussie Summers. For me it means barbecued Kanga meat and Carlton Dry with Lime (the Clear Cut 2008 BOTY Rob) around the pool as well as the Triple J’s Hottest 100 (my number 1 vote goes to Cemeteries of London by Coldplay) and the cricket on the tele. But most of all, […]

Idiots Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft

Ahoy there Draftorians (sounds like something out of Star Trek really), and welcome back to the first Installment of the 2009 Idiots Guide to the 2009 NBA draft. Last year, I was completely rooted by the Sonics/ Thunder/ Train-Wrecks selection of Russell Westbrook at pick 4, but I did pick the first three picks, in […]