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The five most annoying dos in the NBA

Give me a pair of clippers and I would gleefully go to town on this mob. In no particular order. Omer Asik It’s a mess. But who am I to say – the ladies seem to like it (bloody hell!!).

Independence Day (Part 2)

When I told my friends about my conversion to the Nets this evening, I got a bunch of varied responses. These included “finally”, “no dude, don’t do it” and, my favourite, “dude, you went to Sweden. Did you really fail so badly to hook up with any hot blonde chicks there that you think becoming […]

Whats Doin: Trade Deadline Edition

* This whole Dwight Howard situation, it ain’t over. When the Magic lose in the first or second round of the playoffs this year and get exposed once again, the charade will continue. But according to Dwight, he’s “too loyal”, so we shouldn’t have a problem then, should we? * With Howard staying in Orlando […]

The Fantasy Front Bench

Hans is the NBAMate fantasy dude and resident expert of 80’s teen movies. Occasionally he looks up from his box scores and player splits and PER rankings to find time to dispense his fantasy wisdom. This is one of those times. It’s been a tumultuous past month in Australian politics culminating in the Liberal Party […]

My All-NBA AFL Team

They couldn’t be more worlds apart. One sport is played by lean, leaping giants, throwing a round ball into a small hoop with five-man teams running end-to-end on shiny wooden floor boards. The other is played by tough, rugged warriors trying to kick an impossible egg-shaped ball over a grass paddock 180 meters long through […]