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2010 NBA Finals – Game 7 Retro Diary

I didn’t get to see Game 7 live. One of the tragedies of these 2010 NBA Finals has been the scheduling – in the Land Downunder, not one Finals game was played on a Saturday or a Sunday. Very frustrating. I followed the game on the play-by-play, and later that afternoon I read all the […]

Game 6 Wrap and looking ahead to Kobe & Game 7

So I was wrong about Game 6. Completely wrong. I expected the same themes to continue from Games 4 and 5, that being the Celtics completely out-hustling, out-muscling, and out-shooting the Lakers. I expected LA’s offense to continue its struggles, requiring Kobe to kick-start it all too often, and fizzling out late in the game […]

Short Shorts the Sequel: The Game 7 Wishlist

So it has come down to this (once again in the Marv Albert tone coz we miss him), Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Boston v LA. Before MJ showed up, there were these two titans battling it out, and even after MJ left us, these two are still around. We said before the series […]

Day 15 – Exhale

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer The great series had to end. Some predicted a Celtics blow-out, some suggested a Bulls upset victory, while many presumed it would reach at least one overtime period before ending again in epic fashion. The answer was neither of those, or perhaps somewhere in between. The game didn’t reach the nail-biting heights […]

Day 14 – Luck of the Irish

Firstly let me say that tonight I’m going to see Bulls-Celtics at the TD Banknorth Garden. In Boston. To say I’m excited about being at Game 7 of one of the greatest series in playoff history is an understatement. I feel blessed. I feel very lucky. Because the turn of events that lead me here […]

Day 14 – Can you believe this?

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 14 The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks are going to a game 7, and before any one starts telling me “It’s Golden State vs Dallas all over again!”, let me emphatically announce that this is nothing like Golden State vs Dallas. For three reasons: 1. Before last year’s playoffs started the signs […]