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2010-11 NBA Mid-season Review: The iPod Shuffle Edition

After I did my column a few months back on Metallica and the 2010-11 NBA season up to that point, I realised something. “Holy shit – this is a pretty fucking easy way to churn out some quick columns.” Basically, I get a bunch of songs together, find something vaguely basketball-related that relates even more […]

Joe Default and his Merry Men

Continued from Part I: Fairways and the Naked Truth “We’re gonna kick ass!” I shouted, high-fiving my newly announced team members. I glanced at Sam. “Hope you’re up for it Franchise!”. After a night of continued drinking and shitty sleep thanks to my new teammate (the “Crap Golfer”) snoring like a moose orgy, I woke […]

Fairways and the Naked Truth

My annual Golf Trip that distracts me from blogging for one week every December is not some casual, loosely-planned getaway. Now in it’s 8th year, it has become a regimented week of routine and tradition with almost military-like precision. There is an afternoon warm-up round, an evening dedicated to brutal drinking games, a full day of […]