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Bloggin the Mavs vs Lakers

I’ve had this game circled in my calender for a while. Nothing beats two high-scoring Western Conference teams fighting for playoff spots with barely two weeks left in the season. The Lakers still in the hunt for that #1 seed out West, while the Mavericks are playing just to stay alive in the playoff race. […]

The Most Valuable Problem

There has been a LOT of debate the past couple of weeks around who is most deserving of the MVP. A lot of it is biased rubbish, some of it is plain wrong, and a small amount speaks the truth. That’s no different to the usual mix of debate that goes on for any sports-related topic in the media, […]

All Star Bloggin

  The All-Star weekend has come and gone in a flash, and I’m sitting here struggling to recall why I was so excited about it in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it, well at least parts of it. But I can’t help but feel the whole thing is a bit […]

Days like this

I love days like this in the NBA. We got 14 games of action which meant I spent approximately 4 hours 25 minutes in the office Alt-Tabbing between “work” and ESPN’s NBA scoreboard. Not only did we get a heap of games but we also managed to score a wicked game on ESPN – the […]

Reviving Wilt, Hate Mail and the GRTT

I think I put a curse on Bynum. I went and wrote that whole blog about how awesome he’s been playing, how he’s playing at an All-Star caliber, and how the Lakers look almost unbeatable when he’s on the court. Then he goes and does his knee. Lucky this is not the AFL so a […]