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Whats Doin: Michael Beasley REALLY likes Skittles

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Check this out – Rutgers University fired their men’s basketball coach Mike Rice after a videotape aired showing him shoving, grabbing and throwing balls at players and using gay slurs during practice. I’m surprised no one ever decked the prick. * Want to […]

Coach Spo got game

From The Miami Herald reports that the 42-year-old coach is dating 24-year-old Nikki Sapp, a Miami native and a former Heat dancer. Apparently Spoelstra has been dating Sapp for nearly two years, but the couple only recently made their relationship public.” Bloody hell. You win Erik, you win.

The mystery of ‘the post’

For me, it’s the most perplexing thing in basketball today – that is, why a good post player rarely plays/is rarely used in the post. Two things about post play: one, when you set up in the post you’re closer to the basket which should therefore create an easier shot; and two, a good post […]