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Whats Doin: Patty Mills re-ups with the Spurs

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Patty Mills will re-sign with the San Antonio Spurs (contract details are not yet known). Great news! * Andrew Bogut’s ankle injury is healing nicely and he’s expected to be back on deck for the Warriors training camp in September. * Blake Griffin […]

The things I learned in June

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * I’m surprised that so many people are dumping on James Harden for his Finals performance. Sure, he was disappointing, but let’s be realistic here; he’s a third year player in this league and only 22 years old. I’ll repeat that, he’s 22 years old. And he […]

Uneasy history finally resolving in the Big Easy

Back in 2005 the New Orleans Hornets finished the season managing just 18 wins to go along with 64 losses. As the franchise-worst record suggests, these were some pretty dark days for the fans of Louisiana’s second favourite professional sports team. But as we all know, in today’s NBA your fortunes can change pretty quickly […]

The Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft

I’m a guy who gets frustrated easily when it comes to NBA basketball. Maybe it’s because I have no patience to hear wrong opinions, or maybe it’s the very real (and arrogant) belief I have that I was endowed with more knowledge than your average NBA fan. Whatever the reason, my frustrat-o-meter usually hits tops […]