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Day 16 – The cream rises to the top

Holy s**t! Those were my first words this morning when I logged on and saw that the Clippers had beaten Memphis in this Game 7 slugfest. With nagging injuries to Paul and Griffin, I gave them no shot to emerge from this series. But I suppose the lesson to be learned here is to never […]

Whats Doin: Melo likes admiring Melo

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Carmelo Anthony has a huge (ugly) picture of himself hanging in his lounge room. * Check out this Larry Sanders brain snap in Indiana. * The boys over at Hardwood Paroxysm have an interesting take on the World Peace elbow. If you haven’t […]

Why LeBron stands between the Heat and a championship

By now I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve read my fellow NBAMate contributor Sam “SP” Patching’s article on why he thinks the Heat are the team to beat this year. Sam is an excellent writer who I have mad respect for and he does a great job articulating his reasons as to why he […]

Some classic photos for your enjoyment

As co-editor of NBAMate I spend an inordinate amount of time searching Google Images to try and find the perfect picture for the perfect post. In the process I occasionally stumble across some, shall we say, interesting photos. So I’ve collected them, naturally, and will now serve them up for your enjoyment. There’s some flat-out […]

Quotes of the Month – March 2012

“Now that it’s over, the doggone thing didn’t work. We didnt get a (center) and it didn’t work. We’ve heard for a long time that you can’t play with two small guards. Well, we’ve now opened up some playing time for somebody at (shooting guard) that’s not a small guard. We’re going to be a […]

Sunday Six Pack: Dwight, Heat Highlights and a Bar Fight

ONE: It’s a shame that the first Sunday Six Pack of the year has to be written in such depressing circumstances. Our Aussie NBA hero has once again gone down with a serious injury, this time as fractured left ankle. “It’s like someone has a voodoo doll of me and is putting pins in it”, […]

Whats Doin: Decision time in Beantown?

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * More video gold from the Dallas Mavericks – they’re ‘sexy and they know it’. * Kevin Love vs. Sumo Wrestler on ESPN’s Sport Science. * Some tough decisions loom in Boston.   * The Birdman will taunt you with his face.   * […]

Lockout Doozies: Part 1

Without further ado, here’s the best and worst quotes of the offseason thus far. I am confident, check that, I am certain more doozies will be forthcoming so look for Part 2 at the conclusion of the lockout. Let’s hope there’s no need for a Part 3 or 4. “Talk to the owner. He gave […]