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Whats Doin: Knicks’ basketball, you gotta laugh

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * A night on the town in Shanghai with the Miami Heat. * Jeremy Evans with an insane block and dunk. Could that be the Play of the Year already? * I think we can kiss goodbye to Andrew Bogut being ready for the […]

Some classic photos for your enjoyment

As co-editor of NBAMate I spend an inordinate amount of time searching Google Images to try and find the perfect picture for the perfect post. In the process I occasionally stumble across some, shall we say, interesting photos. So I’ve collected them, naturally, and will now serve them up for your enjoyment. There’s some flat-out […]

The five most annoying players in the NBA?

Don’t confuse this for a knucklehead list; I’ve already done that. No, these are the guys that for whatever reason just get under your skin. They’re the itch that can’t be scratched. 5. Carlos Boozer There’s not much to like about this guy. You’ve got that silly manicured beard, the bogus hair, the sloppy D, […]

10 Things We Learned In November

It’s that time of the month folks, when I chime in with 10 observations from the previous month’s NBA action (in no particular order). Let’s get into it. 1. No Haslem, No Title? LeBron’s been too passive, Wade looks lost and Bosh has no presence on the inside. All this can and will be rectified, […]

Milwaukee Bucks Preview 2010-2011

This is our contribution to the 2010 NBA Blog Previews run by Jeff over at the very excellent Celtics Blog. With the big Aussie anchoring the middle in All-NBA form, it seemed kind of obvious for us to write a Bucks preview this time round. Every season there’s always a ‘sleeper’ that pops up out […]

Confessions of a Box Score Watcher

Hans is the NBAMate fantasy dude and resident expert of 80′s teen movies. Occasionally he looks up from his box scores and player splits and PER rankings to find time to dispense his fantasy wisdom. This is one of those times. Forget about asylum seekers, forget the new Twilight movie and forget the upcoming AFL […]

Chicken Rice and a Philippino named Rolly

I’ve been over here in Malaysia for the past couple of weeks, soaking in the culture, warm weather and chicken rice. Seriously, they eat a lot of chicken over here. Chicken curries, chicken sandwiches, chicken kebabs, and of course chicken rice. Overwhelmed with the chicken I went to a place called Kenny Roger’s Roasters named […]

Game 1 Fizzer

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a fizzer. It was a fizzer because the three things I desperately wanted to see didn’t happen: 1) Lebron James throwing down a ridiculous dunk to go down in NBA Finals history (in fact, how about just one dunk LJ? That’d be nice.) 2) Duncan utterly dominating the […]