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The NBA: Where an Aussie Watching Basketball for 35 Days Happened

There is something special about returning to Australia that goes beyond the inevitable sense of home-coming and familiar territory. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact its so far away from everything else and so isolated – you can’t exactly wander into Australia from another country. Maybe it’s the fact that it […]

Bulls Relegate Pistons to a Cavalier Fate

AP Photo/Duane Burleson It was the closest game I’ve seen so far on my US trip, a game that literally came down to the last second. Unfortunately for me, the result went the wrong way. The Pistons and Bulls faced off Monday night in Auburn Hills knowing that the loser would most likely have to […]

The Happiest Aussie in Auburn Hills

In the last week I’ve been traveling around watching games in LA, Houston and Dallas. While the experience has been amazing to say the least, I found myself leaving the arenas feeling a little… I dunno, empty. Cheering on the Lakers, Rockets and Mavs was fun, don’t get me wrong, but ultimately I was indifferent […]

Pistons finally win, have Dwight’s measure once again

Finally! I don’t remember being this happy about a regular season victory in a long time. But I guess that goes to show what a transformation (translation: collapse) the Pistons have undergone his season. Most “streak-ending games” for Detroit the past six seasons have been losses – today the streak-ender was a win, after the […]

How fu**ed are Detroit?

Short Answer: Pretty fu**ed. Long Answer: Firstly, let’s completely rule out the chance that Detroit miss the playoffs. Detroit suck right now yes, but they will not miss the playoffs for the simple reason that the lower half of the Eastern Conference suck a whole lot more. I am a Detroit fan coming to grips […]

Detroit about to face the Ghosts of Pistons Past

Boston, Cleveland and Miami. The three teams responsible for terminating the Pistons championship hopes in the last three seasons and absolutely gutting their fans. Boston in ’08 in an anti-climaxic Conference Finals, Cleveland in ’07 thanks to a Lebron miracle, and Miami in ’06 on their way to their Wade-lead championship. Go look at the […]

Rodney Stuckey is Detroit’s Best Player

Since Rodney Stuckey moved into Detroit’s starting lineup the Pistons have gone 12-3. Since Stuckey became a starter he has averaged 18.8 points, 6.4 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.7 steals. Since becoming a starter just twelve games ago Stuckey has exploded for a 40 point game and a 38 point game, already the two highest […]

HTFU Detroit, the sinking Lakers and the charging Bucks

After spending two days trying to stay dry amidst the “drought-ending storm” at Meredith Musical Festival, and the next five days trying to stay on the fairways in Yarrawonga, I’m now back in Melbourne town and life is kind of back to normal again (although my liver will never be the same). After being away […]

Larry Hughes is a very clutch shooter

“If we lose to Minnesota today I”ll shoot myself”, were the exact words I emailed a mate yesterday morning. Of course it’s easy to say something like that when you don’t give your opposition half a chance. Seriously, the T-Wolves? The team that lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder? I’m speechless. I can honestly say […]

Breaking down the Lakers v Pistons

Foxtel achieved one of its rare NBA scheduling miracles by letting us watch the Pistons v Lakers game today. Couldn’t think of a better game to watch right now than the undefeated Lakers vs the Iverson-lead Pistons, and as a Pistons fan you can imagine I was pretty happy with the result. Here is my […]