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Down Memory Lane: Derek Fisher 0.4 game winner

Throughout this long and tedious NBA offseason we’re going to delve into the archives and take a look at some of the more memorable moments from previous years. We’ll have game winning shots, dustups and brain snaps, monster jams and much more. Up now, Derek Fisher drains a buzzer beater with 0.4 seconds on the […]

Whats Doin: Say It Ain’t So, Lar!

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Oh boy, Larry Brown wants back in. * We love ya Patty but this flop is outrageous. * “Michael Jordan for the win!” * Hilarious. LeBron James hangs a woman out to dry. * Say what you want about Derek Fisher, but the […]

Lockout Doozies: Part 1

Without further ado, here’s the best and worst quotes of the offseason thus far. I am confident, check that, I am certain more doozies will be forthcoming so look for Part 2 at the conclusion of the lockout. Let’s hope there’s no need for a Part 3 or 4. “Talk to the owner. He gave […]

Day 20 – The End of an Era?

We’ll do the votes, then we’ll talk about the amazing, incredible completely unpredictable predicament the Lakers have found themselves in thanks to this super Dallas team. 3 votes – Derrick Rose. The best game of Derrick Rose’s playoff career thus far.  He was so aggressive that I was almost offended just watching him. He was […]

Game 3 – Real Big Fish

I’ve been trying to come up with a sentence that best summarizes Game 3 of this Finals, and I think I’ve got it… A game the Boston Celtics absolutely would have won if they were playing anyone else but the Los Angeles Lakers. That really is the only way I can sum up this game. […]

Catching up in Singapore

So I recently moved to Singapore and will be here for a few months because of my real job. Hence the lack of recent updates. But thankfully, they have cable over here and I’ll be able to watch the rest of the NBA playoffs unfold (if they didn’t I may have considered quitting my job). […]

Round 2.. Fight!

Where to start with this game? I was at Staples Center for this one, and it was definitely the most chippy, most emotional game I’ve been at so far. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my full game diary, but for now he’s a few videos you need to study. You need to a flashplayer […]

Stat Chat

Every now and then I get in these statistical moods. Here are a few interesting numbers from yesterday’s games: J-Kidd got his third straight triple-double, his 10th of the season and the 97th of his career. Kidd’s previous best was 12 triple doubles in the 06-07 season and he’s well poised to pass that this […]